IBM Events


Check out our past and upcoming IBM events. This collection of webinars gives you the chance to get in depth first hand information from our partners about their solutions in a live interactive format. If you missed the live webinars or if you want to watch again the recordings are available on demand below.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson Webinar (Upcoming)

Join us in this upcoming webinar. Discover how IBM Planning Analytics with Watson streamlines and integrates financial and operational planning across the enterprise.

IBM Security QRadar XDR (Upcoming)

Join us in this upcoming webinar. sad Join us in this upcoming webinar. Discover how you can detect and eliminate threats faster with the industry’s leading XDR suite.

Evvo Labs (Past)

In the latest of our Cloud Series Webinars, join Michael Ang from IBM and Vince Chew from Evvolabs as they explain how DevSecOps can be the key to unlock the cultural change needed in your organisation.

Avalant (Past)

This webinar features experts Kuah Ann Thye from IBM, Yaowapa Wongmasa and Wichaya Charoenrattanawat from Avalant who will present to you the value of Business Rules Management System (BRMS) for financial businesses.

Acclivis (Past)

In this exciting webinar, experts Jaric Sng from IBM and Warren Phee from Acclivis explain how IBM Satellite Cloud is able to help companies step up to leverage modern technologies such as AI, automation and insight-driven decision making.

Yugabyte (Past)

Hear from Dennis Sze and Vish Phaneendra from Yugabyte as they discuss how they work with IBM Cloud in identifying key trends that are shaping the development of next-generation enterprise data strategies. Watch this exciting webinar and learn more about extending your current infrastructure across hybrid and multi-cloud.

TMAXSoft (Past)

Watch this replay of our excellent webinar where David Kim from TmaxSoft along with Michael Ong from IBM Cloud help you understand why your peers are investing in database modernisation and how you can unlock the potential of databases in the digital economy.

Silverlake & Resulticks (Past)

View this replay of our excellent webinar where Michael Choong, VP at Silverlake along with Subramanian Gopalaratnam, CEO at Resulticks explain how and why banks and FSI need to modernise and how they can navigate through stringent compliance rules as they do so.

WIZ.AI (Past)

Learn about WIZ.AI and hear from Michael Ong as he explains why 90% of users can't tell they are talking to a WIZ talkbot. View this excellent webinar showing how WIZ.AI leverage IBM cloud to deliver natural language talkbots.

Episode Six (Past)

Hear from Dom Braun and Nirmal Chander from Episode Six as they explain how they work with IBM Cloud to deliver solutions to stop companies from being constrained by legacy technology, freeing them to innovate for customers—driving loyalty, revenues, efficiencies, and long-term value along the way.