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Tibero is an enterprise-grade RDBMS developed by TmaxSoft, and was the second company in the world to deliver a shared-disk-based cluster – Tibero Active Cluster (TAC). It supports self-tuning based performance optimization, reliable database monitoring, and performance management. Tibero is developed for enterprises that want to fully leverage their mission-critical data with an enhanced view of processing, managing, and security for large-scale databases. Tibero is RedHat certified. Tibero is ideal for bridging the gap between legacy databases and running workloads in the virtualized data center and the cloud. Data-intensive enterprises, especially financial services, retail, healthcare, payment processing and manufacturing organizations looking to migrate their RDBMS to the cloud and replace existing database management systems such as Oracle, SQL etc… Tibero is an excellent alternative high-performance RDBMS of choice. Advanced features such as multi-thread architecture, encryption and more, let’s organizations get the utmost returns on their investment. The number of processes and threads can be changed. User requests are handled by thread pool but remove the overhead of the dispatcher, which handles input/output processing. The memory usage and the number of OS processes can be reduced by using a thread pool. The number of simultaneous processes can be changed. Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible licensing model allows enterprises to maximize their virtualization investment by only licensing the compute power associated with a given virtual machine (VM), rather than Oracle’s 100% licensing model, regardless of the number of resources the database consumes.
  • Highly compatible with Oracle – in some cases as much as 97% compatibility.
  • Half of Oracle’s license and support costs.
  • Scales with commodity hardware rather than expensive proprietary database servers.
  • Active or passive standby database capability.
  • Enterprise-grade performance and petabyte scalability.
  • Easy to port from Oracle, MS SQL through automatic conversion tool.
  • No change to existing SQL applications.

Value Proposition

Total Cost of Ownership:

  • >40% saving on the license (CAPex).
  • >50% saving on annual maintenance (OPex).
  • Built-In Partition and advanced security option.
  • Support licensing on the virtualized core (vCPU).

Tibero’s licensing model allows enterprises to fully maximize their virtualization investment by only licensing the cores associated with a given virtual machine, resulting in drastically lower TCO.

Easy Migration:

  • Full automated migration using T-UP, is a compatibility analysis and migration utility provided by Tibero DB.

Compatibility Analysis

  • Evaluates compatibility of source database’s schema objects, SQL statements, and application APIs.
  • Provides analysis result report in HTML.


  • Migrates user-selected data to Tibero.
  • Migrates schema objects, such as tables, indexes, views, and synonyms, and various constraints defined on the tables.
  • Migrates privileges and roles.
  • Provides information about the target database for migration.
  • Provides various migration methods with the [Option] button.
  • Displays migration progress through the Progress screen.

Oracle Compatibility 

  • Global Standards Compliance.
  • Oracle nonstandard SQL.
  • Oracle Stored Procedures and functions.
  • Various tools.
  • Re-use all skillset of Oracle on Tibero.

Most Oracle Compatible RDBMS with high performance and low cost

  • Excellence in high performance and large-scale DB.
    • Massive data processing.
    • Big data utilization – structured/unstructured data (Hadoop connector).
  • Powerful and innovative hyper thread architecture
    • Designed for efficient utilization of resources (multi-thread).
    • Optimized integration between a disk-based database and memory technology.
  • Easy migration and integration
    • Fully automated compatibility analysis and migration utility tools included for ease of migration and integration.
  • Security
    • Policy-based control of table access for each user.
    • Prevents data tampering (block modification detection).

High performance

  • Active-Active Cluster (TAC). 2nd company in the world to deliver a shared-disk-based cluster. The feature provides high scalability and availability. All instances executed transactions use a shared database. Access to shared databased is mutually controlled for consistency and conformity.
  • Multi-Process and multi-thread architecture ensure resource efficiency, high-speed performance and minimizes context switching.
  • Optimized row-level locking system. Support selective row-level information operation that only the row is accessed by an application will be locked. All other rows that belong to the same table are free and can be used by other applications. Tibero can also lock the table on which the row that has been locked is stored.
  • Storage Virtualization via Tibero Active Storage guarantees performance and stability. Built-in features such as mirroring, striping and rebalancing to improve user experience.

With guaranteed reliable database transactions, which are logical sets of SQL statements by supporting ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability). Providing enhanced synchronization between databases, Tibero enables reliable database service operation in a multi-node environment. The product has implemented a unique multi-thread architecture to address the disadvantages of the previous DBMS. As a result, it can make efficient use of system resources, such as CPU and memory, through fewer server processes. This ensures that it offers a combination of performance, stability, and expandability while facilitating development and administration functions. Additionally, it provides users and developers with various standard development interfaces to easily integrate with other DBMS and 3rd party tools. The block transfer technology had been applied to improve the Active Cluster feature – the share DB clustering technology which is 2nd in the world, supports self-tuning based performance optimization, reliable database monitoring, and performance management.  

Value proposition features: 

  • Multi-processor, H-threaded architecture.
  • Optimized I/O process performance.
  • Multi-node parallel recovery.
  • Active Cluster based on shared disk.
  • Standby Cluster for DR server.
  • Active Storage for storage virtualization.
  • Parallel Query function.
  • Optimized low-level locking.
  • Transaction Failover.
  • Backup/Recovery.
  • Standard SQL Support.
  • PL/SQL Compatibility.
  • Embedded SQL Compatibility.
  • JDBC, ODBC, OLEDB, OCI and DB-link Support.

Tibero is designed for today’s software-defined data centers (SDDC). Tibero’s multi-thread architecture lets the enterprise get the most performance out of its applications:

  1. Active Clustering technology provides unsurpassed reliability.
  2. Guarantees compatibility without modifying applications.
  3. Provides robust security.
  4. Installed in enterprises with large data lakes and data warehouses.

IBM Solution Used

IBM Cloud Series – Satellite

Solution Details

  • Country:
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Industry:
  • Banking/FSI
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport/Logistics
  • Solution Type:
  • Data & AI

Solution Specifications

Price Indication – Start from USD10,000.00 Terms – The price above exclude implementation charges – The price above exclude hardware.

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