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Optimize Trusted Data and Achieving Regulatory Compliance Data in Financial Service

Simian Data Quality Solution is technology solutions to improve data quality and integrity and Simian Regulatory Solution is banking regulatory reporting system in one web-based platform.

Value Proposition

Simian Data Quality Solution
IBM technology: DB2 database, ETL DataStage for batch process

For organizations that are in the process of transforming into digital enabled organizations such as digital transportations or digital banks for example, this technology can help them in the digitization process such as digital onboarding where currently customers or customers can register or open accounts from anywhere, such as via the web, mobile app, or through a branch.Our solution helps ensure that data integrity and data collected from customers can be properly integrated in real time. So that there is no duplication or dirty data which will result in a lot of data cleansing that must be done manually.
In the banking sector, this solution is also used by our clients to assist the regulatory reporting process, especially for Antasena reporting and Anti Money Laundering. Antasena’s reporting based on OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) regulations, this solution helps the integration & quality improvement process of customer data so that reporting can be formed with more accurate data. For the purposes of reporting Anti Money Laundering or also called SIM APU-PPT, our solution can automate using AI, the process of analyzing customer data or financial transactions so as to reduce false positive and false negative conditions.False positive is a condition where customers or transactions that do not violate the rules are marked as dangerous, while false negatives are conditions where customers who are blacklisted are declared to have passed the check for example.

Simian Regulatory Solution
IBM technology: DB2 BLU database for data warehouse

Simian regulatory solution is a web-based regulatory reporting application used by banks to report to regulators such as BI, OJK, PPATK. This solution includes a data warehouse with banking data model that can be used for regulatory compliance such as Antasena, SLIK, Apollo, Obox, LLD, Anti Money Laundering and PSAK. This solution covers end-to-end integration from the native data source into the ready-to-submit format defined by the regulator, all in an auditable form with embedded checker and maker principle to ensure roles and responsibility are well governed. This solution has been integrated with various types of core banking used by banks in general

IBM Solutions Used

IBM Data and AI

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