IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson


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Join us in the upcoming webinar. Discover how IBM Planning Analytics with Watson streamlines and integrates financial and operational planning across the enterprise.


IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

Where it’s used – Financial Planning and Analysis

Discover how your finance team can improve planning, budgeting and forecasting, and make data-driven decisions across your entire organization.

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Where it’s used – Supply Chain Planning

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson for supply chain planning – Streamline planning to deliver the agility needed to pivot in real time.

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Where it’s used – Sales

Transform your sales strategy and drive results with an integrated sales planning solution that delivers visibility and comprehensive analytics.

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Where it’s used – Workforce Planning

Acquire and retain the right talent at the right time with powerful workforce management and HR planning tools designed to drive efficiency.

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Where it’s used – Marketing Planning

Determine the right marketing mix and resources needed to drive ROI.

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Where it’s used – Simplify IT Planning

Simplify transformation with IT planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Align IT budget and plans with business objectives.

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Whitepaper – IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, Plan for anything, be ready for everything

Volatility, uncertainty and risk have been with us for years – and they’re not going away any time soon. But most planning teams, whether in Finance, Operations, HR, Sales or elsewhere in the organization, still spend an inordinate amount of time on manual, spreadsheet-based processes – collecting, consolidating and validating data before they can even begin to analyze it.

In response, leading organizations are seeking faster, more flexible solutions to deliver deeper insights into both financial and operational performance. Too often, however, they believe they have to choose between the ease of use and fast deployment of a cloud solution or the powerful analytics capabilities traditionally available only in on- premises solutions. But now they don’t have to choose. Now they can have it all with IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson. One solution – multiple deployment options.

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Report – IBM Named as Market Leader in the 2022 BARC Score Integrated Planning & Analytics (IP&A) 

IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson® is a modern, AI-powered, extended planning and analysis (xP&A) solution that integrates, streamlines and scales planning across every part of the organization, including finance, sales, supply chain, HR, IT, and marketing.
Break down business unit planning siloes and foster high participation planning so you can strategize and build plans with a complete view of the organization in mind.

IBM Business Analytics Portfolio has named a market Leader in the 2022 RARC Score Integrated Planning &Analytics (IP&A) report.

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson has been named an exemplary vendor in Ventana’s 2022 Business Planning Value Index

Ventana research has an extensive RFI/RFP type approach and evaluates business planning vendors in seven key categories that are weighted to reflect buyer’s needs. This report has ranked IBM as an Exemplary vendor, ranking first overall in the Value Index evaluation. And first in Capability and Usability areas and leader in Product and Customer Experience.

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Discover how you can automate and accelerate planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes with IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson FP&A Demo 

Discover how Planning Analytics with Watson can be used to create a financial plan that applies across the enterprise.

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson Supply Chain Planning Demo

See how predictive baselines help improve demand forecast accuracy.

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson Workforce Planning Demo

Learn how IBM Planning Analytics with Watson can help you create more accurate and agile workforce plans.

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Solution Details

  • Country:
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Industry:
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Banking/FSI
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport/Logistics
  • Solution Type:
  • IBM Planning Analytics

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